Known for using dry mix, our extruder machines compact using a ramming mechanism for forming kerbs and propulsion; enabling you to build a variety of kerbs including landscape, car parks and subdivisions.


Best known for being smaller than most kerbing machines, this enables our extruder to function across multiple locations, lower your costs (both in terms of manpower and effort) and ultimately save you money.


Ideal for creating garden edge and landscaping kerbs, the Arrow 110 extruder machine is particularly useful if you plan to renovate multiple garden edging or mowing strips in domestic or commercial areas. Being ideal for free-form garden edge construction, two basic shapes are supplied with the machine.


Available in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual, our Arrow 770 extruder machines caters for council and subdivision kerbs.

Normally used for building car park kerbs, the Arrow 450 is efficient, reliable and compact. Being a smaller machine it is excellent for shapes up to a maximum width of 450mm and where tight radii down to 1.3m are required.


Choose the wrong kerbing machine and you risk wasting your time and your money.


Fortunately during our consultations we will analyse every aspect of your project, assess your needs and ensure that you are equipped with the best in slip form and extruder technology.


Purposefully customised to match your kerbing needs and location, with Arrow Machinery you can trust that we have got your best interests at heart.